Impartial Automatic Redistricting

The best results so far based on 2010 Census data.

Below are district maps for US House and state legislatures that have been optimized for equal popluation and compactness only. No partisan power plays. No gerrymandering.

Here are the most optimally compact results so far.

As of 2015-07-06 09:08:53 CDT
AlabamaCongress House Senate
Alaska- Senate
ArizonaCongress House Senate
ArkansasCongress House Senate
CaliforniaCongress Assembly Senate
ColoradoCongress House Senate
ConnecticutCongress House Senate
Delaware- Senate House
FloridaCongress House Senate
GeorgiaCongress House Senate
HawaiiCongress House Senate
IdahoCongress House Senate
IllinoisCongress House Senate
IndianaCongress House Senate
IowaCongress House Senate
KansasCongress House Senate
KentuckyCongress House Senate
LouisianaCongress House Senate
MaineCongress Senate
MarylandCongress House Senate
MassachusettsCongress House Senate
MichiganCongress House Senate
MinnesotaCongress House Senate
MississippiCongress House Senate
MissouriCongress House Senate
Montana- Senate House
NebraskaCongress Legislature
NevadaCongress Assembly Senate
New HampshireCongress Senate
New JerseyCongress General Senate
New MexicoCongress House Senate
New YorkCongress Assembly Senate
North CarolinaCongress House Senate
North Dakota- Senate House
OhioCongress House Senate
OklahomaCongress House Senate
OregonCongress House State
PennsylvaniaCongress House Senate
Rhode IslandCongress Senate
South CarolinaCongress House Senate
South Dakota- House Senate
TennesseeCongress House Senate
TexasCongress House Senate
UtahCongress House Senate
Vermont- Senate
VirginiaCongress House Senate
WashingtonCongress House Senate
West VirginiaCongress House Senate
WisconsinCongress Assembly Senate
Wyoming- House Senate

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Newest winning result: Texas Congress